Unconventional Perspectives in Healthcare with Dr. Douglas Slakey, MD, MPH

We delve into the effects of cognitive biases in healthcare. Dr. Slakey emphasizes the need to set aside preconceived ideas and remain open to diverse perspectives. His revolutionary approach involves recruiting professionals from different specialties to work on teams outside their usual sphere of influence. This cross-collaboration offers a fresh look at established routines, fostering a robust environment for sharing innovative approaches and best practices across various healthcare areas.

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Doctor Health Radio with host David Snow

David Snow is celebrating 25 years on the air, I was honored to be the show guest celebrating Doctors' Day 2024.    David and I discussed motivational leadership in healthcare, empowering teams to be successful, and lessons for patient-centric care I describe in The Process Manifesto.

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The Process Manifesto Book

Join the discussion on empowering healthcare professionals, challenging the status quo, and fostering compassion. Gain valuable knowledge and embark on a journey to improve healthcare in a complex world


Hosts Alan Sardana & Dr. Joshua Liu speak with Dr. Douglas Slakey, Serial Chief of Surgery, about "Creating a Team of Teams to Rapidly Implement ERAS Across a Health System, Learning from the Airline Industry to Optimize Healthcare Reliability, Empowering People to do the Right Thing By Making it Easy, and more."

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Listen in as Dr. David Nace and Dr. Douglas Slakey discuss the outsized role of social determinants of health (SDoH) in influencing patient behavior, care, outcomes, and costs in healthcare. They also discuss why health systems need to share data across disciplines and care settings; and how providers can use analytics to go beyond standards—not giving up on them, but enhancing them with a broader approach—to understand and act on patient needs and resources to optimize outcomes.

Dr. Slakey has devoted his career to improving healthcare for populations. As a master of public health, he has worked in emerging markets, focusing on improving care with education, simulation training, and complex system management techniques.


Each of us will be both a patient and caregiver at some point in our lives. We all want a healthcare system that supports everyone.  In The Process Manifesto, Dr. Doug Slakey guides caregivers, patients, and healthcare organizations to obtain the best clinical outcomes with respect and compassion.

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