Dr. Douglas Slakey is an internationally recognized transplant surgeon, educator, healthcare professional, and administrator. Doug is currently a professor of surgery at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the president of Process Health Consulting, a healthcare consultancy focused on enhancing and optimizing operations and process flow, emphasizing complex system management strategies that optimize patient outcomes.  He is a global educator and speaker who inspires healthcare teams to provide effective, compassionate patient care.


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At some point in our lives, each of us will be a patient and, at some point, each of us a caregiver.   In the Process Manifesto, Dr. Doug Slakey explores the complexity of our health system and its impact on patient outcomes.   Despite remarkable medical advances, knowledge, and training, patient care remains fragmented, frustrating, and expensive, especially from the patient’s perspective.  Solutions for caregivers, especially those on the frontlines, remain elusive.  The process of providing care for a patient must appreciate the history and circumstances that make each of us unique. 

The Process Manifesto helps to demystify the complex reality of our healthcare system. It provides the tools necessary to empower people and teams to provide the most effective, safe, and reliable care.   Dr. Slakey’s Ten Core Principles for Complex System Process Management guides caregivers and patients to obtain the best clinical outcomes with respect and compassion.

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“Dr. Slakey has served patients, caregivers and worked with teams in the most critical situations. The Ten Core Principles for Complex System Process Management in Healthcare are realistic and actionable. His advocacy for strong process allows our most powerful gifts to be set free- the front line caregivers and patients. Let’s go! “

Katie Kaney, DRPH, MBA, FACHE,   Author of BOTH/AND


The Process Manifesto illuminates much of what healthcare currently lacks and provides an evidence-based approach to improvement. Dr. Slakey has the vision to apply reliability science – much of which lies outside the medical community’s traditional education and operational experience – to the constantly changing healthcare delivery model. The book should be required reading for any healthcare professional. Patients, too, would benefit from seeing, understanding, and demanding more from our healthcare systems.”

K. Scott Griffith, author of The Leader’s Guide to Managing Risk: A Proven Method to Build Resilience and Reliability


"As a career technology executive, I've found myself interested in how proven approaches to process improvement could be applied to the complex and often mysterious healthcare system. Dr. Slakey's insightful book offers a comprehensive roadmap to do just that. Drawing on a real-world approach, it provides practical strategies to design processes to enhance efficiency ensuring the core mission of patient care quality and outcomes remains center. With real-world case studies and actionable advice, it equips healthcare professionals and senior leaders with the tools needed to drive meaningful improvements. Whether you're a practitioner, administrator, or executive in the healthcare industry, this book is an invaluable resource for achieving operational excellence and delivering better patient outcomes -- using approaches that have proven themselves in countless other industries. It's time for healthcare to move forward."

Frank Bien, ex-CEO Looker



"Systems thinking has been around for a long time. But thoughtful application of its insights has been few and far between--especially in institutions where they have been desperately needed. Dr. Slakey has just changed all that by successfully integrating his innovative research and vast experience as an accomplished surgeon.  The result is a truly unique and eye-opening guide that can finally put us on the right path to effective management of our incredibly complex healthcare system."

Gökçe Sargut, PhD. Associate Professor of Business, Governors State University


As someone who has surveyed hundreds of hospitals large and small as part of a healthcare accreditation organization (DNV), Douglas Slakey, MD MPH, has written a must-read primer for anyone who has ever tried to impact change in large, complex organizations.  The book reads as a thoughtful, step-by-step guide to help organizations to understand the dynamics of the process-driven approach to positively impact quality, safety, communication, costs, and patient-centric outcomes.  “The Process Manifesto” is written in a way that is easy to understand with real-life examples and will surely be an invaluable tool for those people who are charged with effectuating meaningful and lasting process improvement in complex organizations.  

Thomas J. Quinn, MPA, LPC

DNV Healthcare Accreditation Services



Dr Slakey has deftly incorporated great minds from all disciplines into the optimization of healthcare delivery with the needs of the patient always coming first. 
I have been privileged to work in stellar medical platforms across the world. None greater than what Dr Slakey has created. Always strong work. 


Pam Gillette, MPH, RN, FACHE


When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, many personal and historical documents were destroyed throughout the city. As the Tulane faculty and staff became accustomed to post-Katrina life, they realized that no official record of the Department of Surgery had ever been published. After years of work, many people have assembled the rich history of the Department of Surgery. Starting with firsthand accounts of Katrina and then traveling through a chronological history of the department, the book explores both triumphs and tribulations. From surgeons dueling outside Charity Hospital, to the devastation of Katrina, to the pioneering advancements of Matas and Ochsner, the tale of the Tulane Department of Surgery captures one side of the immense history of New Orleans.



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